Wednesday, May 22, 2019

First post

Hello, I’m Lucie… welcome to my shiny new blog!

Coat: Zara, Dress: Primark, Bag: Calvin Klein

Starting a blog has been on my to-do list for the last few years, but lo and behold, I’m a nightmare at biting the bullet and doing stuff, so other than a half-hearted attempt a couple of years ago, it has remained a ‘good idea’ on my list of long-term goals (right next to getting my dissertation professionally bound as I simply can’t find the time… *cough*). Anyway, I woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago with a burning desire to write, and as cheesy as that sounds, it’s how I knew the time was right to get cracking.

There is no particular theme to my blog because I am super changeable. One week I’m reading back-to-back chick lit in bed with my pyjamas on (Jane Costello was my latest binge) and the next, I have a calendar of social events that I can’t manage - I can never seem to find the balance, you know? I have decided that I will save the consistency for the posting schedule by uploading a new blog post every week. I want to incorporate a mixture of tips, reviews and random blabber into my posts about pretty much anything that’s fun and/or girly…

To help you get to know me better, here are ten facts about me:

1. Star is my favourite name and shape
Yep, that’s the deal behind the blog name! I’m not sure if it’s a direct correlation, but I’m also a big fan of gold and the words ‘twinkle’ and ‘sparkle’.
2. My personality has been described as ‘turbulent’
I’m literally all over the place.
3. I’m a Slimming World member
…and I love it! I’m out of control without a plan and I have a tendency to eat my feelings. Plus, the plan has given me much more confidence in the kitchen and instilled good principles into my daily routine.
4. I love cats
Just OMG.
5. I feel comfortable in my own skin when I’m wearing fake tan
If you know, you know.
6. I work in communications
It’s cool - the job is varied which suits my changeable personality.
7. I get ‘wine drunk’ on occasion and it tends to be humiliating
I did this one on Saturday night.
8. I’m a Pisces
…just in case you wanted to check that our horoscopes are compatible before reading my content further.
9. I can eat a box of Guylian in under 10 minutes
It’s my favourite and everyone knows it.
10. I have a degree in journalism
I graduated in 2015 which feels like forever ago now, but going to university was the best decision I ever made.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading my first post - it means the world! I am super excited to have set the wheels in motion and look forward to getting settled into my new blogging routine. Feel free to pop back next week with a mug of tea and a box of Guylian. I’m also on Instagram and Twitter if it makes things easier, and I'm always happy to chat:

Speak soon,


  1. Hi Lucie,

    welcome to blogging world. I hope you like it hear. :) Looking forward to reading more from you, since can totally relate with being all over the place with things I'm interested in, hobbies, activities, friends, music... And I like blogs that are about just anything a person likes. :)

    xx Hailey -

    1. Hi Hailey,

      Your words are so kind that you're making me want to crack on with my next post! It's great that we're similar and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your scrapbooking fun (I made a scrapbook as a gift over Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed making it - perhaps you will inspire me to do another!)

      Lucie xx

  2. Welcome to the blogging world my love! I've followed you on Twitter, just shoot me a message if you need anything!

    -Asher Downer

    1. Thanks, sweet!

      P.S. Your new table is pretty fierce.

      Lucie xx